Tuesday, July 25, 2006

5 more ideas...

Thanks Laurie for the song download, loved it! As far as the performance/Art in action count me in as a collaborator. I have a digital video camera (commercial quality) that we would have access to. Although I did not verbally share with the group last Sunday, know that I am so thankful for all the voices at the table and am honored to be a part of this group. My ideas for where we go from here were: 1. Begin white privilege education with younger children, ie. 3rd grade . 2. Educational workshops on media literacy and media justice issues in the schools and community venues. 3. Strike up a conversation with at least three people you suspect may be blind to the realities of contemporary racism. (ie. don't just preach to the choir) . 4.Invite at least two new guests to the Conversation within the next month. 5. Ask an elder (any race) what their experiences with Racism have been.
Look forward to sharing next Sunday morning with you all.

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