Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Conversation

The Conversation: "Conversation "

I want to follow up to our conversation Sunday in regards to mixing performance and conversation.

I really love the idea of performing arts becoming an aspect of conversation, dialogue and transformation and I may have an avenue for this to happen sooner rather than later as an opening salvo so to speak. I'm hoping that Ros aight be open to this idea in regards to excerpts from one of her works as well. Yes, Ros, I am putting you on the spot, but your talent demands as such--plus --I kinda like it.

Last fall, I organized a 27 hour Marathon for Peace which featured a multitude to spoken word artists, dancers, poets, musicians, speakers and even massage therapists and counselors to examine the impact of the war and implications.

The event was exhausting and exhilirating, and as it concluded it seemed that the spirit the "word" as a foundation for further work should be explored. At that moment, we advanced the idea of creating a performance company under the umbrella of "The 28th Hour" which would invite collaboration between spoken word and al other art forms including dance, music, visual arts, video, and other media/disciplines.

This month, we were able to collaborate with a dance company to complete two works: Beyond and Prior--A Response to 911 and beyond and The Thirteen Hours: A Contemplation of Nuclear Conflict or Transformation. The collaboration happened under the umbrella of Barefoot Studios, a beautiful dance studio owned by a couple from San Francisco who are very open to partnerships and collaborations and want their studio to be a cental point for performing arts. The studio holds 75 on any given evening for performance so it could be an intimate setting for performance and conversation afterward.

These pieces are now ready for a new performance along with a set of others to be determined.

The whole event would be called The 28th Hour--A Performance and Conversation. The performance event would be followed by a faciliated conversation by Dexter and/or whoever the group designates, perhaps with snacks and beverage. The intent would be to delve into the material raised by the performances in a welcoming atmosphere while reinforcing the wonderful of the activist community we are forming. the two night event could also function to promote our ongoing dialogue on Sundays and perhaps bring new members to the table.

All of this would happen aproximately two months after the Race and Pedagogy Conference was done and folks had the chance to recharge their batteries.

Knowing how profound a writer Ros is, I would love to see her work become a part of the evening. These need not be finished works, but could be sneak excerpts. I am deeply interested in her Katrina monologues. The challenge would be to include some other form of media beyond the spoken word. This could be slides, video excerpts, even movement--all to be decided. But I guarantee that between Ros' work, my own with BQ dance and others, we would have an evening of rich material to draw from. I'm thinking that performances would be held on a Friday and Saturday evening and that we could determine who might facilitate. We might even take some excerpts from Dexter's book and set them within a performance vein if this made sense.

I'm thinking that we look at a November weekend, the year anniversary from the Marathon for Peace and gather as the conversation family to attend and co-host the event.

In the long run The Conversation could sponsor/host at least one performance each year which lends itself to conversation and interaction. Could be more.

I will be singing this Sunday and giving a talk at a Unity Church in Centralia the week after that, but would love to explore the possiblities and as always look forward to being with you in a set of tables that can be recognized by their stretch marks.

Love you all--


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