Thursday, October 05, 2006


The first is the video that I tried to show at the past two conversations, but could not because of technical difficulties. The second is about the same camp, just from a different view. The reason why I wanted to show these videos two weeks ago is because during the conversation, a few expressed their discomfort with church and issues along the lines of religion. There were several others who remained quiet, but might share the same discomfort of one deeper than those voiced. This video, whether depicted properly or not, is proof that discussions and matters dealing with religion and church are extremely relevant in the struggle for justice. We must question, piece together, and answer questions for each other to overcome the lies of institutions. We must play mental tug of war between this idea and the other as a means of finding the core of what justice truly is.


j9 said...

Thank you for hanging in there and sharing this with us. I for one would like to see this movie. Does anyone know if it is playing in the Seattle/Tacoma area?

Tom said...

Last Sunday several members of The Conversation and I experienced the following - Subject : FW: Customer service and or Customer care

This Sunday at about 12:50 am I visited Shakabrah Cafe. This was not the first time I frequented your restaurant. It was however the first time I have been mistreated in your establishment. Upon entering and proceeding to the rear room I was confronted at the entrance to that room by the server who informed me that the room closed at 1:00pm and I could not sit in that area. I informed her that I would be in a party of seven and there was not enough seating in the front section for us to sit together she was unmoved by my plight and reiterated that the rear section closed at 1:00 and I could not sit their. This interchange was witnessed by four of the seven member party as we had not all arrived at that time.

She advised us to go to the register and make our orders and that we could sit in the booth just outside of the sliding doors. I proceeded to the register and ordered for my wife and myself. Another member of our party sought to order a turkey sandwich as she was not in the mood for breakfast. It was by this time 1:15 by the restaurant clock, however the person at the register refused to take her sandwich order saying that lunch orders would not be taken until 1:00pm and that it was the cooks discretion to make a sandwich or not. She then ordered a bagel and cream cheese. You might ask why we did not simply get up and leave the restaurant faced with this insensitivity. I had already paid for my order as when you order at the register the first thing a customer does is pay.

Once we were seated Adam who refused to give his last name but indicated that he was the manager came over to the table to deliver our orders. Kristeanna who wanted the turkey sandwich took the opportunity to address her concern for the lack of sensitivity to her request and was informed that the kitchen was backed up with breakfast orders and the cooked would not be making a sandwich. This reply was given in a perfunctory manner and she expressed her displeasure saying that in light of the attitude she would not be returning to which Adam replied with a flippant fine.

Now we have our food and feel disdainfully mistreated by both a server and the manager. I am about to begin eating when two women walk in and go staight to the back unmolested. They sit down and I say to my table mates if those two are not told to leave that section and recieve service there I am going to be upset.It takes about ten minutes and I see the other server carry two orders to the rear table and serve the two women. I can draw no other conclusion than that I was singled out. I stopped the server and began to confront her about having been told I could not sit in that section, she was not the one who barred my entrance and seemed confused about my querry I explained the sequence she said the two women were sitting in the rear section because there was absolutely no seating left in the front section. The server who had barred my entrance to the rear section returned to our table shortly and since she was the one, who barred me, I began to inquire about serving the two women in the rear section after barring me. It took some time but with the help of my white female table mates we were finally able to get her to hear what we were saying. I informed her that I was offended by the treatment, attitude, and dismissive manner she informed me that she was offended by my bothering the other server with my complaint and upsetting her. It took some further exchange between my table mates and this server to move her to listen and then still ignoring me appologize to Kistieanna.

I want you to know that I remain offended and that I am a member of the ALF group which meets once a month on First Friday at your cafe', that I shall share this horrible experience with all of my friends and associates, and that I am a Vice President of the Tacoma Branch NAACP and will make it known that your establishment treats customers in this despicable manner.

Tom L. Hilyard

Since this experience I have attempted to contact the owner by sending email to the email address on her business card to no avail as my messages have all been returned undeliverable. I have tried calling her land line number printed on her business card only to learn it was out of service. I have called her cell phone number as listed on her business card and left a voicemail message requesting to talk with her about this subject and left my cell phone number. It has been a week give or take a few hours and there has been no response and I am therefor widening the circle of friends and associates to anyone who will hear that what happened was deplorable and make known their displeasure.