Saturday, October 07, 2006

"God's Army"

Check out this story as reported on NPR Religion and the Air Force Academy. It's really scary that the people learning to fly fighter jets are increasingly being recruited by and trained by these people.

Jesus Camp

For those intrested, this film is showing at Metro Cinemas in Seattle.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Audio from the conversation- Sept. 3rd, 2006, Tom Hilyard talks about the primary election

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The first is the video that I tried to show at the past two conversations, but could not because of technical difficulties. The second is about the same camp, just from a different view. The reason why I wanted to show these videos two weeks ago is because during the conversation, a few expressed their discomfort with church and issues along the lines of religion. There were several others who remained quiet, but might share the same discomfort of one deeper than those voiced. This video, whether depicted properly or not, is proof that discussions and matters dealing with religion and church are extremely relevant in the struggle for justice. We must question, piece together, and answer questions for each other to overcome the lies of institutions. We must play mental tug of war between this idea and the other as a means of finding the core of what justice truly is.