Monday, March 05, 2007

Conversation Recap for March 4th

We had a very different kind of discussion this week, generated by an open question which had been prompted by a member’s concern over recording, (print and audio) of concerns about privacy. Some said that they had been entirely unaware that the stories or any other part of the Conversation had been being recorded. Others pointed out that the things we talk about could get people targeted by those representing the power structure many of us challenge. Examples were given of how key words can be traced and some gave personal examples of how they had been targeted for the stances they’ve taken.

Some felt that a certain level of panic had been generated by the question and others expressed that they wanted to live whole lives and not be concerned with safety from scorn or derision for their beliefs. Several made a point about how attempting to live a safe life meant also that that life would be circumscribed. The group generally fell into three categories of feeling about the conversation being recorded and put on the blog:

  1. those who mainly have concern over the personal stories being made public
  2. those who are also concerned about being possible targets because of what they may express (unable to get hired or maybe even fired)
  3. those who have no problem with either their stories or the group discussions being broadcast

Several of us longer-term members gave the history of how we came to have a blog and to have proposed recording and posting audio on it. Sometimes very dynamic conversations would get continued via email during the week between Sundays but since some members were not necessarily totally email savvy in terms of keeping their address books current or using “Reply All” and so forth, some people would get left off of threads and then be confused. Dexter suggested that we have a blog so that these conversations could continue in a central place. Also, those who missed a meeting could “catch up.” Then we thought, what about simply recording the conversations and posting them? Then people could really capture what went on without the filter of whoever was summarizing and posting written notes.

Ultimately, the group came up with the following as an agreement:

We should have a handout available at each meeting with the mission of the group and the fact that we are recording:

  1. Personal stories—if a storyteller does not want to be recorded, the recorder will be turned off.
  2. The moral/philosophical question/framework of the day.

The group discussion will not be recorded. General summaries will still be produced and posted to the blog without names. We still do not know what we might ultimately do with the collections of stories, but we will not post or otherwise disseminate them in any form without the storyteller’s consent.

We also talked some about the need to take the mystery out of the infrastructure of the group, i.e., V-Team, mission, etc. We talked about the V-Team and the need for volunteers. We’ll send the Conversation document out again with V-Team roles, etc. so folks can weigh in. We may already have a successor for our Agenda keeper/Purveyor of Arts, Letters and Epicurean Delights and we came up with a new role for which we already have a leader and that’s Keeper of the Protocol. Also, we had a volunteer to help with conversation recaps.

The Angela Davis appearance at TCC was discussed—Conversation well represented. Crowd very affectionate. Speech was casual but heartfelt and interactive..

Current greatest passion is prison industrial complex. Not a vanguard of 60’s but an image was created of her. Autobiography is recommended as well as “Jury Woman” written by the foreperson of the Angela Davis trial jury.


March 12 (”New Orleans Monologues” by C. R. Bell”) TAG 7PM It’s free.

Charhys and Keith rocked it at the One Heart Café

TCRP Kick-off was wonderful and sets the tone for the collection of stories as an ongoing effort

Stykers for Iraq at Port of Tacoma. Protest at 11th and Milwaukie. Check HERE for updates.

Next Salon is day before the Monologues at 801 S. Cushman. Heather Carawan’s film about growing up at the Highlander School will be shown.

One Heart will have featured performers of all types every 3rd Sat. March 17th Abyssinian Creole will follow a poetry slam at 7:30

March 8th The War Tapes showing at Rick and Claudia Finseth’s home at 13524 15th Ave South (Parkland)

Chrestina has a film about Rwanda if folks are interested, perhaps it could be shown at the Conversation.