Monday, January 28, 2008

Recap for January 27, 2008

2 New members welcomed.

We heard Kristi as she read 3 short, poignant and humorous stories recounting events while vigiling against the war.

Feedback on RtV event:

Program went off particularly well; the timing of performances. Wish we had more sophisticated coverage. Some things weren’t highlighted that could have been. It’s too bad there weren’t more people. We need to find ways to take control of our message and figure out how we want to disseminate it.

Suggestion: We have some good footage now and could use that to make a 30 second commercial for next year.

One member talked about being very impressed. It was evident that people worked very hard on the program and no one abused their time on the stage. It was a really phenomenal mix of types of performances and images. 2 minor details: The fund pitch could have been a little better thought out, such as people might have written checks if they knew they could and who to make them out to. Second thing is, it would have been good to have a way for people to keep in touch, like a sign-in with emails.

One person noticed that people didn’t want to leave afterwards—perhaps the little room could have been used for a coffee and mingle session as a way for people to connect.

At one point we had projected mobilizing the business district of downtown such that we get support from the cafes and restaurants and after the event folks attending could spread out and continue the conversation in these cafes and restaurants. The Varsity Grill, where many of us went this past Sunday, expressed being very warm to the idea. We could have 2012 perform afterward at One Heart and the youth could follow them there.

We should consider doing a mini version in some of the high schools. One Wilson high school student in attendance mentioned that Wilson is very isolated and cut off. There weren’t even any MLK programs there.

The keynote may be aired on Rainier cable TV and possibly Comcast as well.

We should produce a dvd that we each can have a copy of that we can them share with our circles as well has make it available for purchase for a contribution.

The Broadway Center has a connection allows them to meet with 4 principals from school districts in the Pierce County area. Perhaps an excerpt could be shown at one of these meetings with someone from the Conversation could be there. Another suggestion would be to send our contributors a copy. One of our members has a friend who does dvd duplication. Our resident multimedia expert suggested that there be a committee to make some decisions about these different projects—30 second commercial, 20-minute presentation for the high school principals, etc. The RtV program could really be a piece in a curriculum for the schools.

Another suggestion would be to put it up on the web, i.e. youtube.

One person asked if the Race & Pedagogy Institute might be a clearinghouse for this kind of material.

We watched about 25 min. of Dexter’s keynote so we could see the video and sound quality. This brought out some questions about how it is to watch and hear oneself speaking and when is the moment that you feel that the “spirit” or the audience is with you.

The question was asked what if we’re refused in the high schools? Dr. King told the truth and we have been elevated because he told the truth, not because he was successful. We have to tell the truth also.

In terms of the issue of who is going to love the children enough to have high expectations, a point was brought up about the challenges for white teachers who challenge their black and brown students who sometimes face criticism, whether it’s from the internalized racism of colleagues of color or situations in which people hear half of the story and then the white teacher is accused of racism.

The answer is that you must show all that you care about the students and then when you make demands of them it is clear that it’s from love and care. You must tell the truth to students but with the support behind it or it’s pretty close to meanness and serves only to salve your own conscience.

One of our younger members mentioned that the message of popular culture is that going to college is to get a good job, going to church is to pray for success and money. We need to find ways to make the message of education and justice and equality as large as that message about material gain. That education should be about learning about who we are and how we should be with each other

Dexter responds that that is the agenda for us right now. He invites us to take this moment to dream again.

Production of inequality in schools is just like planned obsolescence is with electronics. The system says there are some people who are not supposed to make it and that is what keeps this particular economy going.


Courage & Renewal

Focus the Nation

Race & Pedagogy mtg.

2012 Feb. 16th opening for Saul Williams “Why Africa Matters”

Steve Nebel playing at Rhapsody in Bloom 7pm Wednesday Jan 30

May 2nd “Voice of the Americas: A Post 911 Millennial”

Sen Franklin proposing a bill re energy usage and understanding that involves POC and youth in the area of sustainability. SB 6605

Education group will be meeting at Cherlyn’s at 4022 N. 27th until the end of May. We need to continue to challenge the notion that the superintendent search criteria which resulted in the last superintendent is not sufficient for the the search again.

Reminder about the Ebony Fashion Fair.

Korbett would like information to put into the Message Magazine.