Thursday, April 05, 2007

April 1, 2007 Recap

Chrestina told her story and then Dexter told his. We spun off on a discussion about education from this point.

Discussion of how differently education is viewed in the Caribbean and in the US —tension between purposes of schooling in US—train children of the masses to fit into economy vs liberation of the mind, democratization.

Comment made about one of the legacies of slavery in US is if you were found to be educated you could be killed. Still living with that wall in mind about education not being for “us”.

Another comment was made that there have been alternative currents in Black education. During Reconstruction, for example, and school was focus of legal fights of Civil Rights movement.

Comment about how sport is used, particularly in education, i.e., college. Playing sports becomes something to think about making a living at. Sports, like drugs, can be a way to get ahead.

Alternatives: Popular schools, Freedom Schools, community education projects, i.e., Seattle Young People’s Project.

Where are these things in Tacoma? How can we help our youth learn how to navigate their schooling so that they can use it for liberation rather than assimilation?

Distinction between education and schooling. Typical school = bottom of school has the remedial classes (mostly black & brown), middle floors are mixed and top floors are the AP and honors classes. (Mostly white).

On the other hand, everyday life is assimilation and the education system we have, while it needs to change, It’s what we’ve got and we need to teach our kids how to use it.

April 26th Pierce County Dine Out for Life. Local restaurants give at least 10% of proceeds

UPS Poetry Slam 5-7PM today. In basement of Student Union

5-7pm in the Rotunda on Tuesday, Students for a Democratic Society is hosting a presentation bout the Port of Tacoma Protests, storytelling, video footage, etc.

April 21st and Apr. 9th next Racism Workshops by Courage & Renewal 206.633.2888. $25. Encouraging people in this group to participate. Held at the Bush School. Can attend all 4 sessions or only 1.

Robert Meyer from Seattle has a drum set to donate to any organization that works with youth. The set is here in Tacoma.

Dick has a DVD called Stolen Futures re wise investing for seniors.

Next week Dick will lead us on a journey about listening and it’s place in social justice work.