Sunday, July 01, 2007

Conversation Recap for July 1, 2007

Dorothy’s story

Conversation revolved around experiences with desegregation efforts in the South.

What’s on the Table? A presentation about food and health by Rosalind

We either feed ourselves or kill ourselves with every bite we put into our bodies.

One of the major health concerns of our time is inflammatory processes-2 kinds:

Good-swelling (injury), white cells increase, body temperature raises, i.e., fever (disease)
Bad-when inflammatory attack comes at wrong time and place

Good Inflammation (Anti)

Bad Inflammation (Pro)
• Autoimmune diseases
• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Altzheimer’s
• Prostate cancer

• Go into system to quell the danger
• Come from foods you eat, namely fatty acids, esp. Omega 3)
o Omega 3s
• Sardines (packed in olive oil)
• Herring
• Salmon (wild)
• Avocadoes

o Omega 6s
• Grains

We eat 25X more omega 6 foods than omega 3s because we eat so many more grains than leaves and grasses-also, our meat is grain fed so we get it there too.

Anti-inflammatory eating. Eat/drink more:

• Tomatoes
• Cayenne
• Turmeric
• Hot peppers/chiles
• Garlic
• Cardamom
• Cumin
• Onion flakes
• Brazil nuts esp. for men
• Ginger
• Nori
• Green tea
• Stevia (doesn’t raise blood glucose level) some recommend agave
• Flax seed and oil (but grind the seeds)

Drink less:

Caffeinated drinks

Alcohol (while healing)

Dr. can give a C-Reactive Protiein test that will indicate the amount of inflammation in body

Homework: Bring something from home that has high fructose corn syrup or -ose at the end of an ingredient name.


Update on Fall Festival:

3-4 hour event
Most likely at Evergreen-Tacoma
Sat. Oct. 13th
Next mtg. on July 16th
Discussing issues like, what will social justice angle look like, i.e., booths, music themes, etc. will we raise money for a purpose, such as scholarships?

The committee will work to make sure 2-way communication and input continues to occur

Happy 39th anniversary to Tom and Marti!

The V-Team met afterwards and tweaked the schedule of programming. View it here.

Conversation Recap for June 24, 2007

We had a wonderful tribute program for Dr. Joye Hardiman that included music, a skit, singing, poetry, storytelling and open mic give-backs. We also were treated to some stories about Dr. Hardiman's life and career as well. A delicious brunch was prepared by our own Rosalind and a good time was had by all.