Saturday, January 12, 2013

In The Conversation, yes, stories happen,

and I am grateful they do.

Sunday, January 6, Conversation members shared story after story about their experiences with the death and the departure of loved ones, with particular focus on their father figures.

 After our scheduled storyteller shared his experience meeting his father for the first time at the age of 22, more than a decade ago, members responded in kind with questions and stories about their own relationships with their father figures.

During this talk back, one member tearfully shared the loss of her father, this past New Years Eve, and in support and solidarity, members again shared stories of their own experiences now with the loss of a parent, parental figure or loved one included.

Two hours passed and the room filled with hugs and tears. It was a great exchange and a hopeful totem for more in the future. 

Yet as a result, the discussion about the election was left untouched. This is why The Conversation asks you to join us this Sunday for another story followed by last week's intended programming:

Presidential Election Over and Inauguration Due in Days; What difference does it make?

 With the presidential election complete and Barack Obama's second inauguration scheduled for January 21, join the Conversation this week as we question what difference these events make and where we can go from here.

Come and join the discussions, and the story tellings with us.