Wednesday, July 19, 2006

UPS Race & Pedagogy Conference

Dear Conversation Family,

This is a gentle nudge to get you to drop what you're doing right now, right this second and log on to UPS Race & Pedagogy Conference and register. You may think there's a lot of time left for you to register between now and the conference's start date of 9/14, but you'd think wrong. Why? Well, for one thing, there are only 300 tickets available for the Cornell West Opening/Welcoming/ event (this $50 ticket includes both his UPS campus address and the reception at The Glass Museum) and they are going fast. Also, don't we want to be the first in line to support this cause? Yes! Yes! I hear you saying. Okay then, let's get going with our registration and show we're standing with Dexter and his vision in this groundbreaking endeavor.

If any Conversation Family member would like help with the financial aspect of the registration, please call or write. We want as many of us there as we can possibly get. No barriers exist to your getting there. Transportation from the campus to events downtown is also being provided.

Love, Laughter, Peace,

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