Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Conversation Recap for February 4

We heard Steve's story. Once again we are reminded how special it is to share these small samplings of our lives with each other.

Judith brought an issue that she needs support with. An experience with her students 9-10 year olds. Been studying famous African Americans, goal was to learn about unsung ones, not just MLK and Rosa. Knew it was a difficult time—had seen pictures of angry mobs, etc. Showed them the film “Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks" and her concern was that it depicted in a fairly raw and uncompromising way, the lynchings and police brutality etc. and perhaps it was too strong for the age group. Was it too much?

Commentary could probably be best summed up in what Tom said:

Risk is high when on edge—risk is lessened when it is shared. What is sense of shared journey with colleagues? Idea that you’re the only one who might ever give students an educational experience like this is troubling. Show kids you care about their feelings and be honest that you’ve worried about it.

Film-“Black Is, Black Ain’t” Marlon Riggs (part 1)


Dealing with the intersections of racism, sexism and heterosexism is challenging to navigate. For example, black women feel the need to support black men on the racism question but also to chellenge them on their sexism and so forth. Tom made the point that truth and honesty, especially to self is key. A comment was made by Luke that he was conscious of the fact that sometimes perhaps white people should not be present during some of these conversations. He wanted to be respectful of the idea that being privy to sensitive conversations among people of color about cross oppressions is a privilege and that basically as white people we should be willing to step out of the conversation at times if asked.

We'll conclude the film this Sunday.


February 17th open mike at One Heart Café at 1117 Broadway 8-midnight. Noah, Charhys, Keith etc.

Monday the 5th is Watada’s court martial. Big event at Ft. Lewis exit 119.

Workshops on Arts in the Classroom $75 each contact Luke for info.

Tom-Ebony Fashion Fair April 21st 7PM Mt. Tahoma High School Benefits the TUL it is the Guild’s fundraising event. Dr. Dorothy Anderson is new TUL president.

Tacoma Civil Rights Project-capturing the story here at home. Put in place at WA History Museum. Feb 28th a preview.

Tom is working to get the product produced by Bates on the MLK event so that we can share it.

State of the state address-giving to Laurie to disseminate. Watch what people say they’re going to do. Dems had 100 hour agenda. A lot of it has to do with what we talk about here.

Kristy-Salon at Colleen's house Rosalind's New Orleans Monologues 1-4 benefiting UFPPC 3901 N. 37th Sunday Feb 11th.

Luke-TAG is in real trouble-support if can. A real show is coming up called “Proof”—go see it.

Tom-message about TAG is confused—on one hand fiscally is great but on another—needs help and help asked for is ticket sales.

Laurie-Meeting about bringing a food co-op to the Hilltop. Feb. 21st at Allen Russell Bldg. on 14th and MLK. 5:30-7. Check out this site for more info on the initiative and scroll to "Let's Talk About Food Coops....

African American pre-legislative day happened, actual legislative day is happening Monday Feb. 12th in Olympia.

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