Friday, November 02, 2012

November 4: Petra Returns: Social Capital, Dreaming Big, and Doing the Work

The model Petra has shared with the Conversation states that the skills necessary to start and keep a business running are the very same skills that each of us have in our own personal stories. We have skills that we use to keep our households running that can be directly transferred to building a sustainable business once combined with social capital.

Petra will return November 4, as we begin defining big dreams among the group and making connections with others in the room, using our own social capitol to value the exchange of services, time, and property above the exchange of money. We are asking members to dream big.

What is the business you have thought about building? What is a vision you would like to make real? Think of the services and tools necessary to complete this vision. Create a list of what you imagine is needed. What skills do you have that someone else might use for their big dream?

Bring your ideas and expertise to the meeting this Sunday.

Petra Perkins is a serial entrepreneur, who is working on her third start-up. She is also a licensed life & health insurance professional, and teaches at in the Business programs at Seattle Central Community College and Tacoma Community College. She holds the Group Benefits Associate designation from the International Society of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists. She is dedicated to demystifying entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education. She believes that if we teach everyone how to start and run a business, we will have better employees and better businesses.

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