Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Conversation Sunday October 7: Race and Presidential Politics

In the same week that the nation turns its eyes and ears to the first of three presidential candidate debates, anti-Obama protesters perform empty chair 'lynchings' across the country in Texas, Virginia, and right here in Washington. The day before the debate, Tucker Carlson's video re-release and commentary of President Obama speaking in 2007 at Hampton University amplifies the racist undertones of a presidential election where the President cannot talk about race. 

Come join us this Sunday as we delve deeper into what these events represent for the state of our national discourse on race in the United States.

*In preparation for Sunday's discussion, please look for your own examples of "digital" racism aimed at the President to be shared as part of the session. You can email your examples to Ayanna @ or bring them with you on your own device.

Here are a couple of links to put the conversation in context:


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